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Brand: envisiontec Model: ACC-22-2000
The Parts Washing Apparatus is a convenient tool to assist in cleaning any uncured resin from 3D printed models. The convenient removable basket allows for ease of use when dipping or extracting objects from the tank.The PWA 2000 offers a selection between three washing programs, so that you can ac..
$2,400.00 CAD
Brand: Ackuretta Model: KT200180101
CLEANI is designed with dual tanks for a two-stage cleaning process that allows for heavy and fine washes. Engineered to endure the most demanding dental workflows, CLEANI helps you to increase efficiency and save time thanks to its gentle vibrations that minimize your 3D print damage or breakage. ..
$1,087.50 CAD
Brand: Ackuretta Model: KT200200101
CURIE is a versatile UV chamber for 3D printing equipped with a sophisticated UV-light source management system that enables users to do more in less time and space. Produce consistent results thanks to preloaded curing times and easily add new material settings with its built-in SD Card reader. Ide..
$1,898.50 CAD
Brand: envisiontec Model: D4K
The Highest Resolution 4k desktop 3D printer. The D4K Pro from EnvisionTEC includes the fastest print speed for a standard DLP printer, and delivers extremely accurate parts with the finest detail available. The D4K Pro is built on an industrial 4K DLP projector which guarantees stable performa..
$17,999.00 CAD
Brand: envisiontec Model: D4K-99-1002
D4K Tilting Material Tray, Full Assembly Ea..
$320.80 CAD
Brand: Ackuretta Model: FP13001G405
DENTIQ is a highly precise chairside 3D printer designed to provide an intuitive experience for every type of user. It offers a simple learning curve for beginners while providing the finer accuracy and consistency professionals desire. Remote diagnostics for machine repair, easy component replaceme..
$3,995.00 CAD
Envision One cDLM Dental 3D Printer
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Brand: envisiontec Model: Envision One
Build Envelope 180 x 101 x 175 mm (7.09 x 3.98 x 6.89 in.) Build Speed Up to 45 mm/hour, material dependent Native XY Resolution 93 µm XY Resolution with Contour Gray Scaling 60 µm Dynamic Z Resolution 50 µm to 150 µm, material dependent 3D Printer..
$32,800.00 CAD
Brand: envisiontec Model: PCA 2000
External Dimensions 364 x 404 x 318 mm Internal Chamber Dimensions 200 x 200 x 190 mm Number of Light Emitters 30 Frequency 385nm and 405nm Display Touch Screen LED Power 150w Irradiance System 360° Irradiance Power Supply Voltage 110-230V 6-4A 50-60Hz..
$3,000.00 CAD
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Brand: prodways Model: LD20
The ProMaker LD20 Dental Series provides the unequaled resolution of MOVINGLight® technology allowing highly accurate control of the geometry of every part produced at a 42µm resolution, and the high speed of a double moving projector configuration.2 DLP® heads 405 nm wavelength. DLP® heads: 2..
$100,000.00 CAD
Brand: Ackuretta Model: FP130020106
The perfect same-day chairside solution for digital dentistry. SOL sets the bar for high-speed and high-precision 3D printing. Achieve three times the speed of a regular LCD printer and maximize accuracy thanks to its 95+% LED light uniformity. The dynamic LED auto-selects curing areas to enhance ac..
$5,995.00 CAD
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