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Brand: adheco Model: CA009100001Z0101
PERMABOND 910 The Original Cyanoacrylate AdhesivePermabond 910 is the original 100%-methyl cyanoacrylate adhesive. It is a single part, low viscosity liquid that will cure rapidly at room temperature when pressed into a thin film between parts. PERMABOND® 910 will cure to a fixture strength in 10 se..
$23.95 CAD
Brand: adheco Model: 1820
Preci Vertix AT M Set (C58)..
$136.89 CAD
Brand: adheco Model: RE 0100 IR
Female for direct casting with precious and palladium-based alloys (3 plastic female keepers 30°-45°-60° + 1 IRAX female insert).The IRAX female is clicked into the selected plastic female keeper prior to fixation to the crown.Revax M2 Female IR w/Well (J38)..
$55.00 CAD
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