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Brand: envisiontec Model: D4K
The Highest Resolution 4k desktop 3D printer. The D4K Pro from EnvisionTEC includes the fastest print speed for a standard DLP printer, and delivers extremely accurate parts with the finest detail available. The D4K Pro is built on an industrial 4K DLP projector which guarantees stable performa..
Brand: envisiontec Model: RES-01-3045
EnvisionTEC’s E-Model Light DLP printing material for DLP and cDLM 3D printers is the perfect choice for a wide variety of high-accuracy dental modeling needs. A high green strength gives E-Model Light DLP added strength and stability during the build, resulting in lower shrinkage and curling than ..
Brand: envisiontec Model: Envision One
Build Envelope 180 x 101 x 175 mm (7.09 x 3.98 x 6.89 in.) Build Speed Up to 45 mm/hour, material dependent Native XY Resolution 93 µm XY Resolution with Contour Gray Scaling 60 µm Dynamic Z Resolution 50 µm to 150 µm, material dependent 3D Printer..
Brand: envisiontec Model: RES-01-3063
EnvisionTEC’s E-Guide is a biocompatible certified Class I material, developed for the production of high precision surgical drill guides for use in implant surgery. The results produced by combining E-Guide with EnvisionTEC technology are superior to traditional methods of manufacturing implant pla..
Brand: 3disc Model: IOS-FP-71-001
SMALL SCANNER. GREAT IMPRESSIONS. INTRODUCING Heron IOS THE DIGITAL IMPRESSION SYSTEMRestoration types Crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, veneers Lightweight and ergonomic intra-oral scanner weighing only 150g. Accuracy 25µ, Precision 18µ (EE1) including a PCTestimonials:"The Heron IO..
Brand: envisiontec Model: 4220105
KeySplint Soft for EnvisionTEC is a a 3D printing resin ideal for printing splints and night guards. It is fully biocompatible and is in compliance with international medical device regulations and standards. Its robust formulation has three years of guaranteed shelf life, is color stable, and is va..
Brand: Renfert Model: 17310000
Maximum precision thanks to very thin layer application and homogenous grain size.*Accurate edge representation. *Undistorted surfaces. *Optimal polygon count in the 3D model...
Brand: Camcube Model: 3DbiozirA2
BioZir 3D Multi Layers Plus, Disk, 98mm x 14mm, Colour A2..
Brand: Camcube Model: 3DbiozirA3
BioZir 3D Multi Layers Plus, Disk, 98mm x 14mm, Colour A3..
Brand: Camcube Model: 3DbiozirA3.5
BioZir 3D Multi Layers Plus, Disk, 98mm x 14mm, Colour A3.5..
Brand: Camcube Model: 3DbiozirB3
BioZir 3D Multi Layers Plus, Disk, 98mm x 14mm, Colour B3..
Brand: Camcube Model: 3DbiozirC2
BioZir 3D Multi Layers Plus, DIsk, 98mm x 14mm, Colour C2..
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