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Brand: BEGO Model: 51090
Begosol Liquid 1Lt/Bt clear for wirovest..
$40.97 CAD
Brand: GC America INC. Model: 250010
Dustless, Bacteriostatic Cleaner FormulaCOE TRAY CLEANER mixes easily with water to remove alginate, wax, and material compounds from metal trays and instruments. This product cleans in as little as 15 minutes.Coe Tray Cleaner (6920010)(H53)..
$59.65 CAD
Brand: Zhermack Model: C400888
Zhermack Gingifast Separator (C400888) 2 x 10ml Use with: Gingifast and Gingifast CADZhermack Gingifast separator is a solution ready for use allowing the isolation between surfaces of materials of the same nature avoiding its accession. FeaturesIt allows isolation between surfaces of..
$24.40 CAD
Brand: Renfert Model: 20120000
GO 2011 Plaster Solvent (storage)..
$83.79 CAD
Brand: Whip Mix Model: 27014
Gyp-Strip Gypsum Remover (27014) (EE4)..
$82.99 CAD
Brand: Harvest Dental Model: 7061
Harvest Surfactant 32oz Debubblizer  (6899998)(RK-D1)..
$69.99 CAD
Model: CABDH3040P -500ML
Hydrofluoric Acid 48% (CABDH3040P -500ML)(H54)..
$181.61 CAD
Brand: Renfert Model: 17202000
ISO-Fix 2000 Stone Seperator (6936020)(H50)(L62)..
$65.00 CAD
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