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Brand: Meta Dental Model: 991-103
Blade Handle #3 Fit#10-#15c..
Brand: envisiontec Model: D4K
3D Printer Properties: Build Envelope: 148 x 83 x 110 mm (5.8 x 3.3 x 4.3 in.) XY Native Resolution 50 µm Patented Enhanced XY Resolution 25 µm Z Resolution 1 µm LED Wavelength 385 nm Dynamic Layer Thickness* 25 – 150 µm..
Hatho Polishing Habras Discs Medium 48/Pk
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Brand: Keystone Model: 1670102
Hatho Polishing Habras Discs Medium 48/Package..
Brand: 3disc Model: IOS-FP-71-001
Restoration types Crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, veneers Lightweight and ergonomic intra-oral scanner weighing only 150g. Accuracy 25µ, Precision 18µ (EE1) including a PC..
Brand: Preat Model: 9000000
Straight screwdriver – Straight Systems SCS Screwdriver – Straumann Dynamic Angled Access Driver UniGrip Driver – Nobel Biocare Hex 1.3mm/.050 inch – Lifecore, BioHorizon, Astra, Zimmer Hex 1.2mm/.048 inch – 3i Systems, Megagen, Hiossen Hex 0.9mm/.035 inch – Friadent, Ankylos, 3i cover screw..
Brand: Zest Model: IVERISPEED
Product Details Iveri Speed Professional At Home Light Activated Teeth Whitening System provides a quick and convenient method of delivering a white, bright smile. Whiter teeth in 20 minutes No custom trays or uncomfortable and messy strips are required Iveri’s At Home Speed LED Light can be re-..
MI Paste Plus 10-Pack Mint 10-40gm Tubes With Fluoride
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Brand: GC America INC. Model: 428295
MI Paste Plus 10-Pack Mint 10-40gm Tubes With Fluoride..
Brand: Medicom Model: 90011-15
Paragon Scalpel Blade Sterile #15 (100) Carbon Steel..
Brand: Meta Dental Model: 990-011
Surgical Blades #11  pk/100..
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