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Brand: Dedeco Model: 4593
Rubber Wheels and Points Clasp Polishers Blue (2137010)(G01)..
Brand: Dedeco Model: 4592
Rubber Wheels and Points Clasp Polishers Green (2137009)(G02)(l12)..
Brand: Dedeco Model: 4562
Industry favorite  –  for fast pin-point scratch removal and polishing of all metals.Green Midgets HP Shape 15 (4562)(G12) Dec19..
Brand: Dedeco Model: 5171
7/8” x .009” (22 • 0.2mm). The “original” long-lasting ultra-thin end-cutting discs for porcelain, gold, enamel and crown & bridge metals. (silicon carbide) NM Slims Cutting Discs (F36)..
Brand: Dedeco Model: 7083
Pin Mandrel 3mm SS Ea Stainless Steel 1/unit (1021001)(D01)..
Brand: Dedeco Model: 5176
Rubi Mini Slitters 7/8' (2137070)(F34) Dedeco Separating Discs*..
Brand: Dedeco Model: 4960
Unmounted Polisher Knife Edge Wheel Blue For Hi Glaze 100/Bx..
Brand: Dedeco Model: 5009
White Flexies-Rubber wheels 7/8"*1/8" (22'3.1mm) (2137040)(F37) For ultra -fine polishing of ceramics and gold.Non-contaminating. Dec19..
Brand: Dedeco Model: 0835
“Fine” (aluminum oxide) “Non-contaminating” - for finishing non-precious and semi-precious metals.  Non-clogging binder continuously exposes sharp new abrasive with “absolute minimum” of heat.  Special metal bushing assures perfect centering, true-running and safety.Koolies Grinding W..
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