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Dental miscellaneous

Brand: Handler Manufacturing Model: 704-RETRO
Kit to convert 700 Sani-Grinder (3″) to 704 Sani-Grinder (4″)..
$403.36 CAD
Brand: Handler Manufacturing Model: 7BR
The 7B tapered chuck is designed specifically for use with buffing wheels, brushes and lead-centered wheels.Made of brass to provide easier on/off placement onto tapered dental shafts, causing less shaft wearAvailable for the left or right side of a polishing motorBrass threaded tapered chuck is use..
$39.10 CAD
Brand: meisinger Model: BL638
Number of FG Holes : 10 Number of RA Holes : 10 Color of Bur Block : Blue..
$47.85 CAD
Brand: meisinger Model: BL100
Number of FG Holes : 10 Number of RA Holes : 5 Color of Bur Block : Blue..
$43.07 CAD
Brand: Whip Mix Model: 09805
Glass beads for use in removing investment from Crown & Bridge alloys and pressable ceramics.-Safe for divesting Pressable Ceramics, Press to zirconia, Press to Captek, Press to metal, Metal castings -Small particle size allows for smoother flow (50 microns) -Compatible with other micro bl..
$171.99 CAD
Brand: Lang Dental Model: 1403R
The original fast-curing acrylic resin for denture repairs preferred by dentists and laboratory technicians for its impressive, consistent results..
$42.80 CAD
Brand: meisinger Model: MP10
$304.44 CAD
Brand: Handler Manufacturing Model: SPL88CAN
DRY TEFLON/SILICONE SPRAY *THE ONLY INDUSTRY APPLICATION TO COMBINE TEFLON & SILICONE SPL-88 is formulated from the two best wet/dry release/separating/lubricating agents: Silicone and Teflon. It is a non-flammable, environmentally safe dry spray. It is chemically bonded in a patented process to..
$42.39 CAD
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