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3D Printing Parts Washer Unit (PWA 2000)
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Brand: envisiontec Model: ACC-22-2000
The Parts Washing Apparatus is a convenient tool to assist in cleaning any uncured resin from 3D printed models. The convenient removable basket allows for ease of use when dipping or extracting objects from the tank.The PWA 2000 offers a selection between three washing programs, so that you can ac..
$2,250.00 CAD
Brand: envisiontec Model: RES-01-3191
Model X. RES-01-3191 Model X by Desktop Health is a premium photopolymer 3D printing resin developed for use in the dental industry for applications that demand high precision. Capable of printing with a 50-micron build layer allows clinicians and technicians to 3D print accurate crowns, bridge..
$245.00 CAD
Brand: envisiontec Model: D4K
The Highest Resolution 4k desktop 3D printer. The D4K Pro from EnvisionTEC includes the fastest print speed for a standard DLP printer, and delivers extremely accurate parts with the finest detail available. The D4K Pro is built on an industrial 4K DLP projector which guarantees stable performa..
$17,999.00 CAD
Brand: envisiontec Model: D4K-99-1002
D4K Tilting Material Tray, Full Assembly Ea..
$320.80 CAD
Brand: envisiontec Model: D4k-99-1026
The drip tray is located below the glass plate and is a protective cover that keeps the printer’s internal components clean...
$260.00 CAD
Brand: envisiontec Model: RES-01-3014
E Gum For Envision One..
$450.00 CAD
Brand: envisiontec Model: RES-01-3097
E-Aqua Model has added strength and stability due to its high green strength during the build which means lower shrinkage and curling than similar products. The low viscosity of the liquid material allows for quick and easy cleanup of the models without the need to use alcohol. It can be cleaned wit..
$198.80 CAD
Brand: envisiontec Model: RES-01-3089
EnvisionTEC’s E-Guard 3D printing material is a biocompatible, crystal-clear material for the production of accurate orthodontic splints and retainers. The results produced by combining E-Guard with EnvisionTEC technology are superior to traditional methods of manufacturing bite guards and night g..
$541.00 CAD
Brand: envisiontec Model: RES-01-3045
EnvisionTEC’s E-Model Light DLP printing material for DLP and cDLM 3D printers is the perfect choice for a wide variety of high-accuracy dental modeling needs. A high green strength gives E-Model Light DLP added strength and stability during the build, resulting in lower shrinkage and curling tha..
$389.99 CAD
Brand: envisiontec Model: MIC-90-2080
The New domeless basement Is now available eliminates any problem associated with inaccuracies from center to edges. The lifespan is 25% more efficient and adds a 300 lifespan. Calibration is Eliminated making the basement more efficient for your work flow...
$883.40 CAD
Brand: envisiontec Model: RES-01-3044
E1 Model Beige Bx (Envisiontec Inc)..
$245.00 CAD
Brand: envisiontec Model: MIC-90-2532
Einstein Material Tray with Cover Lid..
$384.20 CAD
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