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Alminax Bite Wax Registration Wax 9/Bx
Brand: Whip Mix Model: 03905
Alminax Bite Wax Registration Wax 9/Bx A metallized wax furnished in sheet form so it can be conveniently cut to the desired shape. Easily softened in warm water or over a flame. When chilled, it possesses sufficient strength to resist deformation by normal handling. Alminax Bite Registration ..
Brand: GC America INC. Model: 121101
COE Alginate™ Impression Material Fast Set, Cherry Flavor, 1 lb..
Brand: Dental Ventures America Model: DI/DSAS
DVA Silver Die Spacer Assortment, 1oz (1539179)(F09)..
Brand: GC America INC. Model: 901424
LiSi Pressable Ceramic PressVest Powder 60/Case..
Model: 563053AN
Gingitech Standard Pack (6548025)(J02)..
Model: 47.481
Tripoli - Brown 2lb (2260015)(E26)(K59)..
Model: Miti kit
Includes:1 x MiTi Heavy-Body VPS 1 x MiTi Light-Body VPS 4 Posterior Mesh Bite Trays 4 Sets of Mixing Tips (K60)..
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