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Fluorescent Spray Glaze Low FusingThe most cost effective, efficient method of glazing Ceramic, Zirconium, and Lithium-disilicate restorations.Waste is significantly reduced and placement accuracy increased with the spray applicator head. An extremely thin and uniform coat of  SPRAY GLAZE&..
$209.95 CAD
Brand: INDENCO Model: FRR25C-100
Red Rider Discs:Cuts and Finishes all alloys faster than conventional discsLasts longer, even on hard chrome alloysReduces heat build upIncreased durability, high resistance to breakageReduces metal wasteReduces unpleasant odorsEliminates black lines on porcelain surfacesIdeal for cutting sprues fro..
$89.10 CAD
Brand: INDENCO Model: FRR29-100
Red Rider Discs 29mm x .05 for Metal box/100 (2139030)(F26)..
$55.65 CAD
Brand: INDENCO Model: FRR38-100
Red Rider Discs 38mm x .6 for Metal box/100 (2139040)(F25)..
$82.15 CAD
Brand: INDENCO Model: FSTC-100
Super Thin Discs for Ceramics, box/100 (2139020)(F27) Ceramic Finishing Discs 22mm(7/8") dia * 0.25mm(0.1") thick*..
$82.15 CAD
Brand: INDENCO Model: FSTM-100
Super Thin Discs for Metal, box/100- 22m*25mm (2139010)(F28)..
$82.15 CAD
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