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Dental Lab Pins

Brand: Renfert Model: 3262000
Bi Pin Short with Sleeve (1536020) Dec19(F04)..
Brand: Renfert Model: 3282000
Bi-V-Pin With Metal Sleeve (1536025)(F05)..
Brand: Renfert Model: 3292000
Bi-V-Pin with Plastic Sleeve box/1000 (1536001)(F06)(L03)..
Brand: Keystone Model: 1310055
Dual Pins & Sleeves (1560048)(F18)(D63)..
Dowel Pins #2 Brass Medium Swiss
In Stock
Brand: Keystone Model: 1300015
Medium Brass Dowell Pins # 2 (1512010)(F03) 1000/Package..
Brand: Whip Mix Model: 08236
Mainstay Dowel Pin System pkg/1000 (08236)..
Brand: Keystone Model: 43.122
Tapered Thread, 3/8" 9.5mm Screw Length (3160030)(E22)..
Brand: COLTENE Model: PX114S
Pindex Long Pin/Sleeves (1508020)(F01)..
Brand: COLTENE Model: PX115
Dowel Pin Pindex Pins/Sleeves PX115 Short(1508010)(F02)..
Brand: Renfert Model: 50100200
Pin Drill for Top-Spin 2.00mm set/3 (1536002)(J31)..
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