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Brand: Bausch Model: BK23
BK 23 Bausch Blue 1 Sided Arti Foil BK 23(E14)..
Brand: Bausch Model: BK21
BK 21 Bausch Red 1 Sided Arti Foil BK 21 (E13)..
Brand: Bausch Model: BK25
BK 25 Bausch Red II Sided Arti Foil (3627045)(E15)..
Brand: Bausch Model: BK28
BK 28 Bausch Black/Red Arti-Fol, 2 Sided 22mm Wide(3627048)(E16) Dec19..
Brand: Bausch Model: BK288
Arti Spray, Green, 75mL bk 288(3627001)(I37)..
Brand: Bausch Model: BK17
BK 17 Bausch Blue Artic Paper X-Thin Horseshoe (3627030)(I08)..
Brand: Bausch Model: BK09
BK 09 Bausch Blue Artic Paper X-Thin (3627010)(I10)..
Brand: Bausch Model: BK 07
BK 07 Blue Articulating Silk, 16mm Wide, 10 Meters(3627008)(I07)..
Brand: Wholesale Dental Model: 8024-08
Old style black FLAT Articulators (3500001.4) Dec19..
Brand: Wholesale Dental Model: 8024-01
'Old Style' Black Disposable Articulators (3500001.2) Dec19..
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