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Brand: KAVO Model: 659.4421
Brand: Kavo Replacement motor for Kavo EWL Universal/standard dust collectors...
$540.10 CAD
Brand: KAVO Model: 1.012.1870
SURGmatic S201 L (with light)Reduction ratio 20:1Removable head, easy to cleanEXPERTgrip for better grip and hygieneSmall head with internal cooling systemExternal cooling with coolant connector on the headTechnical Specifications (in connection with MASTERsurg™ or EXPERTsurg™)Speed: 15 – 2,000..
$1,960.00 CAD
Brand: KAVO Model: 1.012.1872
SURGmatic straight handpieces are designed for surgical applications.1:1 transmission ratioEXPERTgrip for better grip and hygieneFor use with standard length (44.5 mm) handpiece bursCan be used with contra-angle bursExternal spray40,000 rpm maximum speed5.5 Ncm torqueWhen it comes to performance and..
$1,960.00 CAD
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