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Plastic & Glass

Brand: Keystone Model: 9571445
1' Blue/Clear Crown & Bridge Boxes (9975030) pkg/1000 (EE6)..
Brand: Keystone Model: 9570870
Blue Box Insert 1' x 1' x 1/4' (9960040)..
Brand: Preat Model: 0200040-6
The BPD is an improved design for a universal plastic patternThe simple to use plastic dovetail intracoronal attachment can be used for non-parallel abutments, segmented bridges, and removable partial dentures with a retentive clasp armThe patterns are produced in a clean burnout plasticThe reduced ..
Brand: Keystone Model: 9569906
2' Blue/Clear Crown & Bridge Boxes pkg/500 (9975040)(RK-D4) Dec19..
Brand: Keystone Model: 1270020
Ball Clasps 0.8mm pkg/100 (5160130)(H20)..
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