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Small Equipment

Brand: Renfert Model: 90013536
120 Volt swich(9001001)..
Brand: Whip Mix Model: 08761
500cc Vacumixer Bowl (9209020)(RK-D1) (AA2)..
Brand: Whip Mix Model: 08974
500mL Bowl Only (9209040)(I27) Dec19..
Brand: Grobet USA Model: 11.204
Shank diameter 3/32" (2.4 mm), band diameter 3/8" (10 mm) (3135090)(E23)..
Brand: Grobet USA Model: 47.250
Arbor Band Chuck - Right (3135065)(E20)..
Agate spatula
Brand: Renfert Model: 11570000
Agate instrument for mixing porcelain masses. *The porcelain cannot be contaminated by metal flaking off instruments. *Both ends can be used. *Ideal if used in combination with the lay:art mixing trays series...
Air blast Blow-out nozzle (no hose)
Model: 13710000
Air blast Blow-out nozzle (no hose) for Basic quattro IS Fine sandblasting unit..
Alcohol Torch
In Stock
Brand: Buffalo Model: 82440
Plastic Alcohol Torch Buffalo Dental Manufacturing Co (9029010)(I43)..
Brand: Zest Model: 9530
Brand: Meta Dental Model: 991-103
Blade Handle #3 Fit#10-#15c..
Brand: Keystone Model: 9570870
Blue Box Insert 1' x 1' x 1/4' (9960040)..
Bottle Plastic Angled Spout – 1/Pkg 125 ml
In Stock
Brand: Keystone Model: 1655410
Plastic Bottle Dispenser 125mL (I45)..
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