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Brand: TAUB Model: 16-2001
Hi-Gloss is a liquid wax glaze creating smoother castings. It is a model gloss for wax, stone, and plaster models. Hi-Gloss gives any wax a polished look. It eliminates scratches. Burns out clean. Use for Denture wax try-ins, bite blocks, veneers, cast crowns, inlays, and any wax surface...
Brand: TAUB Model: 10-2050
Rubber-Sep Die Spacer White Ea..
Brand: TAUB Model: 02-2013
Stone & Die Hardener Resin 16oz (L15)..
Brand: TAUB Model: 02-2011
Stone & Die Hardener Resin 2oz CLEAR(L17)..
Brand: TAUB Model: 02-1010
Stone Die & Plaster Hardener resin has been designed to significantly reduce abrasion and wear of stone and plaster models.2 oz bottles: 1x Resin, 1x..
Brand: TAUB Model: 02-2012
Stone & Die Plaster Hardener Resin - Clear - 8 oz..
Brand: TAUB Model: 02-1000
Stone Die & Plaster Hardener Model Hardeners Complete Kit Kt..
Brand: TAUB Model: 03-4001
Tru Fit Die Spacer Thinner 2 oz (1545040)(F17)..
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