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Brand: VANIMAN Model: VMC-1023B
A 6ft long suction hose with 1.5″ adaptor. Vaniman white suction hose is corrugated and has a 3:1 compression ratio. Each end has 2.5″ hose end to fit other hoses, attachments, or accessories.  Can fit other 1.5″ attachments and accessories.2.5″ Diameter6ft. LongIncludes 1.5″ Adaptor..
$54.10 CAD
Brand: VANIMAN Model: 97903
Vaniman offers two types of blasting tips. The ultra-hard Sapphire Crystal tips are long lasting and provide a general spray pattern. The ultra-precision Tungsten Carbide tips gives the user the ultimate in spray pattern control.Large Replace Tip, Black 50 mic. (5216062)(H29)..
$58.95 CAD
Brand: VANIMAN Model: 97902
Med. Blue Replace Tip (25-50 mic.) (5216060)(H18)..
$58.95 CAD
Brand: VANIMAN Model: 2033
Cloth sleeve with elastic. For use with small blaster cabinet only P/N 2033..
$14.98 CAD
Brand: VANIMAN Model: VMC-A400-5
Vaniman Dust Collector Bags pkg/5 (RK-C3)..
$84.10 CAD
Brand: VANIMAN Model: 96014
Replacement internal post filter for Vaniman Vanguard dust collectors. Fits into internal dust filter slot and adds addition layer of filtration to lower debris and dust even further.Used on the following modelsAll Vanguard Series Dust CollectorsVoyager Dust Collector..
$56.10 CAD
Brand: VANIMAN Model: 97010
Vaniman Dust Collector Replacement Brushes BLUE DOT Pkg/2 (5216005)(I29)..
$64.10 CAD
Brand: VANIMAN Model: 2177
Replacement nozzle cap for the spray jet hand piece...
$19.80 CAD
Brand: VANIMAN Model: 1427
The Vaniman Remote Plug is located on Vaniman dust collectors and is a replacement plug that the Vaniman Remote Switch plugs into to receive power. It fits all Vaniman dust collectors except the SandVac and Abrasive Vac.*Does not fit SandVac or Abrasive Vac*..
$18.70 CAD
Brand: VANIMAN Model: 97041
Replacement motor for the following models:Vanguard Gold Mobile Extraoral Suction SystemVanguard Mobile 2.0 Extraoral Suction SystemVanguard Gold & Platinum Dust CollectorsVoyager Dust Collectors..
$205.15 CAD
Brand: VANIMAN Model: 80301
Sandstorm 2 50-100 Micron (80301)..
$1,099.00 CAD
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