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Brand: Ackuretta Model: KT200040101
The Ackuretta UV Box is a compact curing oven lined with long-life ultraviolet LED lights for enhanced curing performance. The reflective stainless steel chamber and bottom mirror surface provides even curing to all sides. The UV Box is designed with two modes, continuous and flash, to ensure all re..
$660.00 CAD
Brand: Ackuretta Model: KT200180101
CLEANI is designed with dual tanks for a two-stage cleaning process that allows for heavy and fine washes. Engineered to endure the most demanding dental workflows, CLEANI helps you to increase efficiency and save time thanks to its gentle vibrations that minimize your 3D print damage or breakage. ..
$944.00 CAD
Brand: Ackuretta Model: KT200200101
CURIE is a versatile UV chamber for 3D printing equipped with a sophisticated UV-light source management system that enables users to do more in less time and space. Produce consistent results thanks to preloaded curing times and easily add new material settings with its built-in SD Card reader. Ide..
$2,035.00 CAD
Brand: Ackuretta Model: KT220390101
CURO Cast is a highly accurate resin for investment moulding. The high strength and low viscosity make it suitable for printing precise model casts with minimal distortion, and at the same time be residue-free post burnout. A bottle contains 1 KG (910 ml).+ Application: Cast Partial Frameworks, ..
$579.99 CAD
Brand: Ackuretta Model: KT220701015
CURO Crown is a Class IIa biocompatible resin made for printing temporary crowns and bridges. The prints produced are tasteless, durable, abrasion-resistant, and have a natural tooth aesthetic. CURO Crown is formulated to be stained by popular staining kits or perfectly blend in with existing kits. ..
$320.00 CAD
Brand: Ackuretta Model: KT220350101
CURO Denture is a Class IIa biocompatible, tasteless material specifically designed for printing removable denture bases. This resin is available in two colors (i.e. dark and light pink) and attains natural aesthetics with mechanical properties comparable to conventional denture base materials. A bo..
$469.99 CAD
Brand: Ackuretta Model: KT220640101
The new and improved formula enables dental professionals to print highly defined and accurate dental models. Printing models with a smooth finish and minimal shrinkage during post-processing are fundamental traits of a class-leading material such as Element. Perfect for diagnostic wax-ups, aligner ..
$110.00 CAD
Brand: Ackuretta Model: KT220660101
CURO Gingiva has been designed to perfectly mimic the feel and appearance of real life gum tissue. The soft and flexible texture makes it ideal for creating gums for implant models...
$260.00 CAD
Brand: Ackuretta Model: KT220570101
CURO Guide resin is an autoclavable, transparent and rigid material designed for printing surgical guides for implant placement surgery. With high tensile strength and Class 1 biocompatibility properties, CURO Guide is the ideal tool to achieve more accurate results.Application: Surgical Guides+ Aut..
$299.99 CAD
CURO Hard Splint 500g
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Brand: Ackuretta Model: KT220620101
CURO ProSplint is a transparent Class IIa biocompatible material, ideal for printing splints, and night guards. With ProSplint dental professionals are able to deliver comfortable, clear, and durable solutions to their patients.Application: Dental Splints & Occlusal Guards+ Maximum Comfort+ High..
$280.10 CAD
Brand: Ackuretta Model: KT220430101
CURO Model brings your models out of the Stone Age. Its rugged nature and low shrinkage make it perfect for printing crown and bridge models. A bottle contains 1 KG (910 ml).+ Application: Models & Dies + Minimal shrinkage + Great surface finish + High accuracy..
$268.40 CAD
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